Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm so glad I'm not a math teacher

I couldn't handle it, lol. I was teaching my the two oldest kiddies their math yesterday, and I think I may have some bald spots now. If not then I should, as I was ready to tear out chunks of hair. What they were doing was relatively easy, place values. Whats so hard to understand about where the hundreds place, thousands place, millions place, etc. are? I think the problem was that it is easy. The kids were waiting for some trick to it. I understand that parts of it may look hard. For example my oldest ds had two write in standard form a number like this: 900,000+20,000+5,000+20 . It looks like a big addition problem to him and he didn't quite get that he should just pretty much ignore all the zeros, they are just telling him what place the number is in. I tried to explain that they were just pretty much writing numbers. With the above problem he would of had to write 925,020, and he would of been done with it. Whats worse is we did place values and standard and expanded forms like 2 months ago for like a month or so. My daughter was just wanting me to give her the answers I think, and thats why she was being difficult. My oldest son has always had problems understanding math, mostly because he never asked for help in school and now that we are homeschooling he still tries to get by without asking for help. He just thinks if he muddles through it he'll still pass, just like he's done year in p.s.
Well I guess thats enough for today. I need to get the kiddies on to the next subject, History and Geography.

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