Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Day in the Life

I was reading another blog where the writer did a day in the life. Well, my life is not very exciting or anything. But, I've decided to go ahead and try it so I'll start with so far today...
Turn off alarm, tell Hubby it's time to get up. Stumble into the kitchen, grab 3 bottles of water (our water was brown last night, it's clearer this morning but I still do not trust it to drink), pour water into coffee maker, take out coffee grounds from yesterday, put in fresh grounds.

5:31 am
Kiss Hubby good-bye. Lock front door turn off living room light and decide to go back to bed for a little while. Lay in bed for 1 minute and hear key in door. Go into living room, to see Hubby coming back in to get something he forgot. Kiss Hubby good-bye one more time and go back to bed.

8:00 am
Youngest son comes in bedroom, "Mommy I'm hungry". Try to talk him into a few more minutes of sleep. Doesn't work. Get up, he says "You haven't had your coffee yet, right?" (my youngest two say "right" after nearly every sentence, don't know why). I tell him no I haven't and to get a bowl for his cereal as I pour myself some coffee. I take a quick drink of coffee and as he grabs his bowl and then says he's going to get the milk. I pour his rice krispies in the bowl and he comes over with the milk saying "Now we get to wake up the cereal" (last week when he had rice krispies he put his ear next to the bowl to hear them talking to him after I had put the cereal in, I told him they don't say anything until we wake them with the milk.)

8:10 am
Rest of the bunch hear youngest son getting his breakfast and come up to get theirs (amazing how good their hearing is until you want them to listen).

9:00 am
Breakfast is over, the kiddies are watching cartoons until I call them up to begin lessons, I'm finishing my emails and blog posts while thinking about everything that needs to be done today. Hoping to get an answer from two ladies that have responded to a babysitter wanted ad I have placed (I begin a new job next week, hurray for me:).

9:38 am
Well I'm done with this for now and need to go and get all the materials together for today's lessons. I'll post more later.

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