Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sorry and What I want my kids to learn

I didn't get around to finishing my "a day in the life..." post. I'll try that again at a different time. I was reading on another blog where this lady was saying that she was glad that of things her parents taught her (that she may of thought useless at the time) and that got me thinking...what was I taught by my parents or grandparents that I want to make sure to teach my kids...
My grandpa H. had a salvage yard, well this was every kid's dream. My brother and I learned how to start a car, drive a standard (well Grandpa never let me go past second gear back then) and we were allowed to drive around in the fields of Grandma and Grandpa's 40 acres. Grandpa showed me where to look to check all my fluids, where the alternator, starter, radiator, carburetor were. Grandpa made sure I could go from first, to reverse drive backwards and frontwards with a standard transmission without killing the car. He taught me how to shift gears without popping the clutch (too much, lol I still do that). He taught me how to change a tire. OH and he taught me how to cook sausage.
My Great Grandma H taught me how to cross-stitch, OK so its not a useful task really but it's something I enjoyed and created fond memories of her.
I think my love of reading came from my Grandma H. She has a room full of books and I think I read every one of them growing up...of course now she has more and got rid of some of the really old ones. Grandma also taught me about saving money and balancing a bank account. She set up all of us kids with a savings account when we were younger and taught us how to fill out the deposit slip and keep track of our balance in the little ledger book they give you.
My Grandma B taught me how to sew, even though I still don't sew very straight, I can do it.
From my mom I've learned, gardening, crochet, cooking, how to get dishes really clean, how to do laundry, to watch over those younger then me.
I want my kiddies to learn these things and more, I want them to also learn:
To respect the elderly, the Earth and learn that everything is connected
To respect themselves... always watch what and how much they eat, do not be lazy, get up, get out and do something, brush their teeth, wash their hands and keep a clean home so that they remain healthy.
To learn the truth, no matter how hard it may be, is always the best thing to tell.
To make whatever job(s) they have in their life seem like the best job ever. Attitude is everything, you may only flip burgers for a living, but be the best dang burger flipper you can be, be nice to your co-workers and when you move on you will have good memories of the experience.
I want my kids to know that education is everything. They may not have to go to college, but they do have to do something. Whether it be a vo-tech school or an apprenticeship, you cannot get anywhere with just a high school diploma.
Family is important, no matter how many times they hurt you, never hate them. You may have to be wary of them, but always accept them in your life.
Have and jobs are good, they keep you busy and give you money and a sense of accomplishment...but, take time to have fun as well. Only thing you'll really get if you work all the time is a shorter life and less memories and a tired mind and body. Take the time to get out, play, spend time with family and friends, make messes, make noise. Life is too short.
Never burn matter how much you might want never know when you will need to cross them again.
Budget your money. 'nuff said.

Well, I'm sure there is much more I want them to learn in the next few years before I turn them loose on the wall, most of all I want them to be kind considerate, respectful, responsible, independent adults.

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