Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Today was the kiddies first day back to school. Well it's more of a registration day, they send all the kids for a half day to meet their teachers, find their classrooms, etc... Some people bussed their kids in for this, I drove mine in (along with my neighbor and her daughter).
We went in and found my dd's classroom first. Her teacher seemed nice if not a little standoffish. That was probably due to all the parents coming in and wanting to be able to say hi to everyone and show kids where to put their stuff and so on.
Next came my middle son's classroom. His teacher seemed okay. I think she was a bit disappointed that I had to take his folder with me. Darnit though I had to be at work as soon as I could and just did not have time to sit and fill out all those forms x4. Yes I know other parents were setting in the tiny desks doing it but I still had two other teachers (one of them in a different school) to meet. So I took the folder, let my son introduce himself to his teacher and find his seat. Gave him a hug bye and went on to find my youngest son's class.
His class was down this hall, across this hall, and up this hall. Hey there it is. His teacher was one of those overly happy type of teachers that little kiddies like but you wonder what exactly is in their drink on the desk. She seemed nice enough though.
Now we go to the after school area in the cafeteria to figure out how oldest son is suppose to get to the after school program. She smiles and says she doesn't remember the bus number. So we go to the table designated as the bus table and ask there. We find that out and shuffle out to the van.
We pull out of the parking lot take a right then a left go around the corner and up the hill. Pull in to the parking lot of the middle school, very slowly. See lots of trucks and suv's parked up over the curb in a grassy area. Say my van is not a truck so we're not going to attempt that and go on to find a parking spot in Australia (okay maybe not that far was probably New Guinea). Go in to the great wall of print outs to search for oldest sons name. Find it and go down the nearest hallway assuming that this is the way we should head. After days of walking (okay so it was just a minute) we come to a crossroads. My neighbor and I and our kids look down one hall, then the other. We must of had that "I don't no where in the Hell I am and where in the Hell I'm suppose to go look" 'cause two or three people came up to ask us if we need help. We say we are looking for such and such room number and two people give us the answer. So we follow the pointing fingers and come to the end of the other hall. We must of still had the look 'cause another person asked us if we know where we were suppose to go. Of course now we confidently could say yes and found the classroom with no other problems. Oldest son's teacher seemed a little frazzled. She handed us a stack of papers, thanked us for coming, I left my son with a good bye have fun (can't hug middle schoolers ya' know...even though I almost made the faux pas of holding his hand in the parking lot, but quickly righted it before anyone saw).
Then I went and dropped my neighbor/friend off and her daughter off at their house and zoomed on in to work. To sit and worry hoping that the kiddies and their teachers remembered that they were suppose to go to the after school care and not ride the bus home. That's one of my fears...that the kids will be sent home and neither their daddy nor I will be there to meet them. So at about 12:30p I call my neighbor friend to see if the bus has gone by and if she saw the kids. She said it went by a long time ago and no sign of the kiddies so they must of gone where they were suppose to. Sucks to be a work away from mom sometimes. I don't know how many times I have fretted over things like that. Oh well, such is life...right.
Thursday is the first full day of school...they'll be riding the bus that a little less worry.

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