Thursday, August 21, 2008

My To Do List

I want to post something, but don't really have anything interesting in mind. So I'm posting a to do list of sorts of things I want to get done on my days off. Well since today is more then half over it might be moot, we'll see.
Here's what I would like to get done:

  1. Clean den
  2. Clean kitchen ('cause I know I have countertops in there somewhere)
  3. Clean off desk (so that I can put the top part on well top)
  4. Catch up laundry (including going through the kiddies clothes and getting rid of too small, too stained or just plain too ugly to wear to school clothes)
  5. Clean living room (may just let the kids do this one)
  6. Dig out woodworking/burning stuff and finish one or two
  7. Watch movie that I borrowed from coworker last week
  8. Clean my bedroom
  9. Bake something
  10. Have Ed McMahon show up with a million dollar check (shoot a 10,000 dollar check would work as well)

So far today I have finished...let's see...umm... nada, nothing, not a dang damn thing. I'm always so lazy on the first day when I have two days off. Then when the second day is a payday I end up spending half the day running around doing errands and usually there's a meeting to attend at work. If you see my house you'd agree that I really, really need to break this habit. In which Hubby has been doing as well. We both work a minimum of 40hrs a week and just get plain wore out. Kiddies are at school just as long and don't want to do much on their days off either. So we leave and go fishing, driving around, shopping anything to avoid the housework. It's a bad habit. I think I'll try to break it, but don't have no promises that I'll actually do it. I think I'll put the roast I have thawing out in the oven, start the movie and dig out my wood stuff. If I'm feeling real ambitious I could start a load of laundry...don't know about finishing it though.

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