Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's the week that never ends

It's not been a bad week. Just a real, real slow one I guess. Same 'ol stuff going on except for the kids being on Spring break. It's such a bad week for their spring break for me. I have either class or work every day because my weekend off is coming up.

I got my classes set up for summer and fall. The first half of summer I have A &P I...this class is going to make for some long days. It goes from noon to 4 pm on Mon, Tues, wed. and just noon to two on Thurs. Then the second half of summer I have Math for Nurses. It's only from ten to just about noon but, it's all the way up in dyersburg which means an hour drive for me each way each day. Two hours of driving a day on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays...what fun. Then this fall, on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays, I have world religions (because we have to have a humanities class for nursing and this was about the only one in a time slot I had opened that looked remotely interesting) at 8am. At 9am College Algebra. 12:20 to 1:45 with a 1:55 to 4:50p lab on Mondays...Microbiology. Then at 6:35p-9:30p Developmental Psychology. I'm looking forward to the psych and micro classes. Algebra I wish I didn't have to take and I'm not sure about the world religion could be interesting. All in all with class and kids and work...oh and hubby can't leave him out right. I'll have a busy next couple semesters. I also have to take the HESI test in the next few months(I'll probably take it next month) for the nursing program. I get through all this and then all I have is A&P II and nursing courses left before I can earn my that's awesome.

I'm also taking some courses pertaining to a BSN(Bachelor's in Nursing). Dyersburg has dual degree curriculum with U of M. I grabbed a paper saying what you have to take so I'm using that to decide on my classes. According to this I only have 8 classes left for my associates and maybe 15 for bachelors(after this coming fall semester). So that's 2 maybe 3 semester left for asn and ,if everything goes well, 5 semesters for bsn. That's not bad at all really. Well I gotta go and get ready for class. Sun's suppose to come out and warm us up today so hoping for a great day.

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