Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wow I still have some hair left

I figured I would of done pulled every last strand out over this stupid research paper I'm doing for my English Comp class. It's a 2 month assignment that she decided to give us 2 weeks to do. Okay so it's more like 2 1/2 weeks. Nearly my entire family is about done with this paper as I am. I've neglected my other classes trying to get this dang thing done on time. My entire English class is saying their about to strike. One lady said if she makes a low grade in the class because of this paper she's going to appeal to the Dean. The teacher made the paper and the rough draft and the 10 min presentation due the same week. Forget about the syllabus, that was blown out of the water three weeks into the semester. The rough draft is due Monday, presentations with a PowerPoint 10 min speech and we have to dress up for start Wednesday and the final draft(which has to be in a portfolio with the following: a research prospectus, an annotated bibliography, an outline, copies of the sources and an abstract). Oh and if you have a question on what to do on the paper she directs you to some stupid little link on the assignment paper. So all your answers to all your questions are somewhere on the world wide web. Lovely thing is, is this paper is worth 150 points. That's a big chunk of your grade for the semester. The final is only worth 50 points. I just cannot wait till this semester is over and I hope I can pull a C out of this class just so I do not have to retake it.

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Grace said...

Sounds like you have held on longer then I would have.Good luck and best wishes!