Sunday, May 03, 2009

Well, I did it...

I gave in to the curiosity and joined the World of Warcraft bandwagon. I played on the trial version with my sister Friday afternoon and by Friday evening was downloading the full version. I'm a level 7(i think) Druid Tauren named Jumuga. I haven't had a chance to play since Friday 'cause it took all night Friday night to download the silly game then I had to work Saturday then it took most of Saturday night to download the patches. By the time that was done I was eating dinner and playing Fable 2 on the Xbox with my hubby. On a side note, the fact that you can play two players on Fable 2 is nice, but it really sucks that the only thing the second player can do is be a henchman. I couldn't talk to people, pick stuff up or interact with the game like that. I could kick chickens and do the thingy's you do to get people to like or hate you.
Anyway, it was a lot of fun playing with my sister all the the way in North Carolina when I'm back here in W. Tennessee. I'll probably jump on there this afternoon for a bit when I get home from work. Then I have to jump off and study for my Nutrition final tomorrow. It's funny, I'll be talking to her on the phone and her and her hubby have it all planned out it seems. I'm going to make this character (oh what was it, a...oh crap I want to say shaman or something similar they wanted me to make) and then they are going to give me this stuff, and we're going to do this and that. I don't think I would of liked the game at all if it wasn't for the fact I'm playing with someone I know so I don't have to be afraid to make mistakes. Because that's what kept me away the most is not wanting to deal with people saying(or typing) shit because I do not know what I'm doing. My sis will be patient and I'm a pretty fast learner.

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Wa Ya - Mistic Wolfs Creations said...

rotfl..I knew it wouldnt take long. Look for Fairdelwin thats my hunter. Hattie can tell you my others. I have a lot on there lol. I might lvl my BE hunter this next week because BNG isnt really doing anything. Plus priest is already geared to the hilt till Uldar raids lol. See yah soon, Ness