Monday, June 01, 2009

It's been awhile

I've been kinda busy the whole month of May. The first week or so of the month consisted of finals and finishing a research paper. Then I had work and attempting to get the house in order for mom coming in. The last of which I ended up not doing 'cause it was my two weeks between semesters so I was taking a little of a break.
Next they fired two people at work so I got the call asking if I could pick up some extra days. Well of course I said, like a dummy, thinking of how my first paycheck in June will look. This cut into time for getting the house in order for mom. My dear hubby would pick up here and there but he got a cold (of which I now have, thank you love of my life) and since he was sick he didn't feel like cleaning and said if I started cleaning he would help when he got home from work(hmmm haven't we all heard those words or something similar a million times, lol). Since I'm the last minute queen I started cleaning Wednesday night and Thursday morning and waking up at 4:30am Friday morning so I could clean before work. Mom was to get here sometime Friday. I got a chunk of laundry done the living room clean (including the carpet which looked so nice) the dining room and the kitchen done. Had the kids scrub their bathroom. So I guess it wasn't too, too bad since the only thing Mom had the kids do was fold and put up the mountain of laundry that was piled on the couch.
Then on Saturday we went downtown to the Memphis Farmers Market, then over to
Chucalissa Indian Mounds. Then we split, girls and my nephew went one way and the guys another. Us girls went to Goodwill then drove all the way out to the factory outlet mall to find it's practically closed. Since my sister wanted to buy clothes for her son I decided we would take a look at Burlington Coat Factory. I wished I would of had some money when we went there. I swear I'm going to save money all summer so I can go back-to-school shopping there.
Okay, then Saturday night we had bbq and cake and ice cream for Mom's 50th birthday. On Sunday we went to Lowes so mom could get some jasmine vines and we went over to the new bookstore in town. Then Mom and them left and my two oldest went with them for three weeks.
That pretty much wraps up the month, well I was also busy leveling up my new WoW toons, characters, whatever-you-want-to-call them. I'm up to 40 on my tauren druid now, yeah. I've also got an 11 undead warlock, and a 5? human priest(lol, my bil doesn't like that I made an alliance one...he says alliance sucks). Anyway gotta go and eat some breakfast and study for a test today. Summer semester has started and my A &P instructor has made a test for the second day of classes. Fun, Fun.

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