Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Well, I took the final for A & P 1 yesterday. I hope I did well. I was pretty confident until I got to the last page and I think I screwed that up. I'll find out today what my final grade is for the class. All in all I'm a little disappointed with the entire thing. We didn't do any lab work what so ever. We only went to the room were lab was suppose to be like 3 times. The rest of the times the teacher just lectured for the four hours. The tests for the class were handwritten 10 minutes before class started. Needless to say they were not well thought out and sucked really bad. I'm glad to be done with it and I'm hoping not to have this particular teacher for A & P 2.

In other news, I'm a finalist in a contest. A while back I entered a contest for a 100.00 Home Depot gift certificate to go towards completing or starting a garden/yard project. I found out this week I was chosen, by random, as a finalist. So if anyone reading this would please, pretty please click on this link and vote for me I would greatly appreciate it. I'm in second place at the moment down by 2 votes and have till the 13th of July. Here's the link

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