Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is it Friday Yet?

This is what I woke up to this morning...

     No electricity, so no coffee. Look out the front door (no glasses so seeing items faraway wasn't so good) and see what in my morning fuddled mind looked like a big piece of plywood.  I mentioned I hadn't had coffee, right.  I take a few steps and realize that's not just some plywood that got blew around by the storm last night. It's a tree down. I walk to the end of the driveway and see this great big tree down, covering the end of the driveway and most of the street.  Well hell, how in the world am I going to fix this.  Hubby is on an out-of-town job.  I have no idea how to use a chainsaw and I'm pretty sure at a few minutes to 6am most of my neighbors are either asleep or on their way to work.
    Luckily my neighbor's son got home from his third shift job as I was standing there contemplating on how I was going to get this 100ft(that's my guess, may be bigger or smaller I didn't get out the ruler) tree out of the road.  He walks over with an ax.  Well that's something but it's quickly figured out that an ax is just not efficient when dealing with a tree of this size.  His words were "I didn't realize it had so many limbs." He hadn't used a chainsaw either but was willing to try.  Braver then me, I'm scared I'll cut my foot off or something.  I was nearly thirty before I would use a weed-eater for the same reason.  I'm only thirty-two, so yeah it takes me a while to be comfortable with big power tools.  
   Anyway, he fires up the chainsaw and between me, him and eventually my oldest son; we get the mess off the road in about an hour.  Still have a big 'ol tree laying down in my front yard, but Hubby will help take care of it when he gets home.  Something like this has got to happen when he's out-of-town.  He said that he may be gone next week too...guess I need to learn to use the chainsaw.  I'm tempted to cut all the trees down that are near my house.  There's been some many news reports around here about trees falling into homes and people barely escaping, or in the sadder cases not making it out at all.  I saw one house on my home today that, to my eye, looked nearly split in two by this huge tree on it.  I hope whoever lives there is okay.

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