Friday, July 15, 2011


It's not been a fairly good week really. No bad arguments with the kiddies (or between the kiddies). A bit of trouble with them wanting to stay up till nearly midnight a couple times but other then that it was okay. It's been hot, but no one complained. I've been keeping up with my workouts for the most part (only skipped one day, but made it up the next). As you know if you happen to jump over to my other blog and take a peak.
My A & P 2 class going okay I think. I have to take the first test this weekend and I've not quite finished reading all the chapters. There's so much to remember with all the K+ and Na+ channels, action potential, receptors and such. I'll get it done today though, may have to lock myself in my room here in a bit to do it, but do it I will. Doesn't help that I couldn't get my book for lab till tomorrow and it's test/work is due by Monday night(yikes!). I'm going to have a very full weekend it looks like.
Well short and sweet today, hope everyone reading this has a blessed day and weekend.

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