Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Ready for School

I've been getting the kiddies all ready to back to school. Well, at least in my head I am. Some of the school supply lists are out, but most of the times the teachers have a totally different list they give the students. So I'm reluctant to get started shopping when I'll end up buying things I don't need and not buying things needed.

One thing I'm going to try this year is packing the kiddies all a light lunch and making sure there are snack items available when they get home. There are a few reasons for this.

  • Time. 
    • My kiddies are suppose to have thirty minutes for lunch. That thirty minutes includes: walking to the cafeteria, standing in line, getting food, walking to table, time for opening foods and eating, and getting up to walk back to classroom.  I've been there to eat lunch with the kiddies, time actually spent eating is probably ~10 minutes at most.
  • Quality
    • My kiddies' school serves reheated food.  The usual suspects; rectangle pieces of grease and dough they call pizza. Sad looking vegetables. "Fried" chicken (I'm sure it was fried at one time). Fresh fruit once in a while. None of it looks appealing.
  • Price
    • School lunch prices have increased this year by 20 cents. Doesn't sound like much but for me take that x4. That's an extra $0.80 a day, $4.00 a week, $16.00 a month, $144.00 a year.  That's money I can put to better use buying healthy food for my kiddies.
Also have to budget in clothes, shoes and other etcetera. Well off to get that all done. I hope all my dear readers have a wonderful week. 

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