Friday, April 26, 2013

My Goodness it's Been a While

I'm sorry dear readers, I had not realized it had been 3 almost 4 months since I last posted on here. So first I'll give you a quick update on what all has been going on in our household since January.
    We did have housemates for two of those months. We had to push to get them out again, as they seemed quite content to live with us and not in a hurry to save up and find their own place. I don't know why as 8 people in a 1500 square foot house is quite crowded. We're use to slightly crowded as it is Hubby and I and our four kiddies. However with the roomies, we were squashed into a smaller space to allow room for their stuff. It just wasn't working out well. I knew it wouldn't and didn't want the situation in the first place. However it's over and now they live about a mile away and I have my home back.
    I'm still plugging through hoping to make grades good enough this semester and avoid burn out. I'm tired though. I work four days a week, go to school three days a week, and on top of that I'm a full time mom with all that requires when one has teenagers and a wife (gotta tag that one there as well, being a wife is sometimes work ;-) .  My gpa is not the greatest as I struggle to find that 25th hour in a day to study. I dislike hearing from people who don't have kids, don't work and take one online class every 4-6 weeks brag about making straight A's. I don't say anything, just nod and say good job, but inside I'm thinking so what. Anyway not here or there. I think talking about one's grades, good or bad, is like talking about one's salary. It's not really anyone's business but yours (and the places you're hoping to get an internship at). So I give an answer when asked about my grades similar to one when asked about how much money we make. I get by fine.
   I have yet to play with my birthday present. I keep hoping to find the time to do so, though that 25th hour is still escaping me.  In a couple weeks finals for this semester will be over and I'll have 6 weeks to breathe a minute and hopefully have time to be creative then.
  Well, homework is calling my name and so I must answer. I hope my dear readers are having a lovely Spring. It's been a chilly, wet one here. I'm ready for June.

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