Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Alive!!

I'm seriously thinking of resurrecting this old blog. The title and what the blog is about is still relevant to my life. It's a place to toss everything and dig it back out as it's needed. I was looking and I still have followers on here (hello all you beautiful people...all 11 of you). I also still get page views on here (4 yesterday, woot woot...that's two more then another blog). So I'll blog for a bit to see if I can keep up with it and how it feels.

So, since it's been way over a year since my last post I'll do a quick catch up.

Still in school. I was going to graduate last Spring. Had everything lined up, walked down the aisle and everything. Only to find out a couple weeks later I didn't pass Bioorganic Chemistry. Yuck. So I'm retaking that course next semester and my official graduation date will be May 2015, though I don't get to walk then. That's okay, though. My oldest son graduates high school that month and I think it should be all about him. I had my day now it's his turn.

We have lately settled into the wonderful craziness that is our life right now. It's back to the six of us in this branch of the ol' family tree in this area. Sometimes I think that having another family member around would be nice, then I either talk to other family members or hear of the troubles someone is having with theirs and I think "So not worth it." We are so used to doing for ourselves for the most part that having others around for too long gets way too intrusive. I like my space.

Life has away of being hectic and boring at the same time. There is a lot going on, just not sure how much of the going on's are good enough for blog fodder. I have been running again, I'm working as a rectory cook for some great friar, I have some yummy recipes to share. I'll get to everything eventually.

I hope all of my dear readers have a great day and I'll be back with more.

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