Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Monday Morning

I hope all of my dear readers had a blessed weekend. Ours was great. Middle son is in the high school band and this past Saturday was a big competition for them. I'm happy to say that they came away Grand Champions and cleared the board with wins in other categories. All their hard work is paying off in abundance. They have one more competition next Saturday, if they when this one it will be a clean sweep for them this year. Something they haven't done since 2005.  If you like, you can watch of the great performances from last Saturday HERE. I loved Tupelo's performance and thought they should of gotten a better score. What do I know, though, I'm a band mom not a judge (though I do nit pick on straight lines and in-time marching...which is a throwback to my marching band days).

We spent Sunday getting over Saturday's late night (we didn't get home till after 2am). I'm really wanting to get back in the habit of going to church, these late Saturday nights are not helping.  So I make sure to spend part of Sunday, and various times during the week, reading my bible and reading blogs written by Christian women. I try to immerse myself in the word as much as possible, because I notice if I don't then worldly thoughts enter my mine. I become more judgmental, gossipy, less thankful, and more likely to let things get to me. That's  not the way I like to be and I don't like myself when I'm that way.

3 weeks from today is my 36th birthday. I'm feeling much better about 36 then I did 35 and no I don't feel old. I'm not sure why people seem to think when you get past 30 you're suppose to start "feeling" old. Is this a throwback to times when the average lifespan was until mid 40's? It's not the 1500's anymore, we have antibiotics and doctors and nurses wash their hands. If you eat right and exercise you'll live a good long time (as long as no accidents occur and you avoid cancer). Anyway, I think 36 is going to be a great year. I also become the mom of an adult next month. Oldest son will turn 18 in just under 4 weeks. I'm not sure he's ready for the adult world. The hubby and I are not in a hurry to kick this one out of the nest just yet, we want to make sure our kids can soar before they take that first flight.

In honor of my birthday coming up, and wanting to start my 36th year off right, I am giving up soda for the next 3 weeks. I'm hoping that after 21 days (starting today), I'll be able to kick the habit for good. I'm also going to limit sweets for the next 3 weeks and try to up my workouts (I currently manage to get in 3 or 4  a week, I want that upped to daily).

So here's to a great day/week and hopefully a successful next 3 weeks.

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