Saturday, November 01, 2014

First Day of November

Good morning dear readers. I hope everyone has had a great week and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. My week was okay and today middle son is on his way to a band competition in Chattanooga. I'm hoping they do well, have fun and be safe (there's a chance of snow there and suppose to be cold). He's suppose to be home around 4am, yuck.

I've not had a soda since Monday, though my sweet intake has been more then I would like. I've also been slacking real bad on working out. Though I have been real busy the last couple days deep cleaning the house. That counts right? I also need to work more on reading my bible and doing bible studies. However, it is a new month and so time for a new start.

So here's what I have beginning today in order to meet my goals for this month.

  • I'm going to still record what I'm consuming. If it crosses my lips, I try to write it down. I want to get a good idea on when I'm eating, why I'm eating and what I'm eating. I'm a big fan of clean eating, intuitive eating and follow the idea of 80/20 (eat healthy and be active 80% of the time, don't fret over the rest). 
    • Accountability for this: I'm going to research and report on here ideas, thoughts and tips on intuitive eating and clean eating. Including recipes I've came up with or found.
  • I'm following a couple monthly challenges for this month. One is from Cassey Ho at Blogilates. She posts a new calendar challenge each month, just sign up for her newsletter to receive the password. It's free and she has a great, motivating, personality and is lots of fun. Another is from He and She Eats Clean. I follow them on Facebook where they share tips and their monthly calender. You can also go to their website by the same name and see workouts and find recipes. I'm also making a 1 mile a day goal. I want to run a mile a day, no more no less. No more because I've been having problems with shin splints lately and it's getting cold which make me have breathing problems. No less, because a mile really isn't that much and only takes about 16 minutes at most for me (with walking). I actually plan on doing this throughout the winter to keep me warm for Spring races.
    • Accountability for this: I've wrote workouts from both challenges on a calendar I have at home. My plan is to cross out each workout as I do them and maybe every weekend make  post on how it went and a picture of what I've done and what I didn't do. I'll include a screenshot of my miles done from my Nike app.
  • I'm doing a couple online bible studies to encourage myself to spend more time in the word. One is through Doorposts. It's 30 days in Psalm 103 and seems okay so far (so it's just day 1). You can follow along via their website and/or for more you can join their Facebook group. I'm also a member of another Facebook group that this month is continuing a study in the prayers of Moses. It starts in Numbers, which isn't my favorite book in the Bible so hopefully I'll stay on track with it and not get bored.
    • Accountability for this: I will do posts on verses/questions we are reviewing and my thoughts on them.

This seems like a lot for this month, but really it's much less then I usually try to accomplish. I'm trying to limit my challenges to just a handful at a time. I have a tendency to get overly ambitious and then get a bit depressed when I don't achieve my goals. I'm also working on some handmade Christmas gifts for the family. I'll post more on those later. 

Have a blessed weekend dear readers.

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