Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Accountability Check

I had big plans to start off strong, and I did great the first two days. After that, I got in the "I'll get to that later" mentality and nothing got done.
This was my workout list for days 1-8.  Days 1-3 got done, but 4-8 was a wash.

It wasn't just working out, or eating well, or doing my bible study. I procrastinated across the board. I'm an equal opportunity procrastinator, not just one thing will not get done.

However, it's Monday. A new week, a new day and I can always start again. As long as I never give up I'll have never failed. 
So how to begin this week well...

First off, do you see that cluttered messiness that was my workout calendar/plan? I think that messed with my head, it looks like too much. So I made a to do list for today. 
Already got one thing checked off :)
It still looks like a lot to get done, but it seems more easily accomplished in my head. Plus some things can be done concurrently.  I also need to add a couple things, nothing major though just a couple phone calls that need to be made.

Anyway, I hope everyone is off to a great start and getting ready to be bundled up later this week when this Arctic stuff hits. 

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