Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Is This Good Bye?

After 10 years, I'm thinking that I'm finally through with this blog. I've been blogging over at Tumblr for a couple weeks and really enjoy the micro blogging aspect.  I think I'll leave this blog "alive" for the rest of this month in order and then put it to sleep for good. So if you still follow me and would like to see what I'm up to just look for me at Tumblr, or even Google+. I'll still be somewhere on the internets.

Also, one last note, I've decided to go with a new income earning opportunity. No startup fees or autoship required (but in all honesty, autoship is recommended). No pushy sales, you are promoting  a healthy lifestyle. You can earn free products, a free ipad mini, $800 monthly car bonus. I know it may sound too good to be true, but as with any business you get out of what you put into it. The possibilities are there, you just have to try. Just click on the pic below to watch a short video to learn more about the company then sign  up as a customer or promoter if you desire.

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