Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Man

I want to call you my baby boy, even though you haven't been a baby for a while and you probably would get upset if I did. 7 years ago today I went in to the hospital to be induced and introduced to you. 7 years ago tomorrow when we were getting ready to go home I would be told that there was a problem and we had to wait for the pediatric cardiologist to come in. You had two holes in your heart. The next week you developed jaundice and had to be taken in every day to the pediatrician's office to heel sticks...for the longest time you wouldn't let anyone touch your feet, poor little guy. Jaundice cleared up after I had to quit breastfeeding you for 24 hours(not much makes you feel worse then hearing that it may be your milk making your baby sick). Then thrush. Your first few weeks just wasn't the easiest for you. The jaundice and thrush cleared up and by the time you were 6 month's old, the holes in your heart had healed and you were chubby and happy and smiling you would of never known you had anything wrong in the first place.
Love you son, now you and your brother's and sister can quit getting older any day now.

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