Monday, June 16, 2008


Okay I don't like to do too many posts advertising stuff, but I really really need to make some Tupperware sales this month so I can remain an active consultant. So I'll post some of our items for sale here and if you see anything you like just go to my site at and find it or email me at jackiefrench(at)my2.tupperware(dot)com with the product discreption and/or order number and I'll order it for you. I will except paypal if you don't have a credit card or just prefer to use paypal to pay for stuff online. Well anyway here's this weeks/month's specials:

a Heat ’N Serve™Square Round 3 Pc. Set
Maximize fridge and freezer space with modular, microwaveready
containers. Automatic valve enables steam to escape
while reheating; center hub eliminates over-heated edges and
under-heated centers.
Includes two 2-Cup/60 mL Containers
and one 5-Cup/1.1 L Container.
Retail Value: $44.50 Save 65%
With every $100 purchase: $15.50

Tupperware® Impressions 14 Pc. Set
Make a lasting impression with your guests.Includes
Tupperware® Impressions 10-cup/2.5 L Bowl, 18-cup/
4.2 L Bowl, four 10-oz./350 mL Impressions Mugs, four
3½-cup/830 mL Square-A-Way® Containers with handle (not
shown), Tupperware® Impressions 1-Gallon/3.8 L Pitcher and
Small Hourglass Salt & Pepper Shakers. Note: Colors may vary.
Retail Value: $118 Save 50% $59.00

Summer 10 Pc. Set
Perfect for picnics. Includes 2 Square-A-Way® Containers,
4 Large Duo Bowls, FlatOut™8-Cup/2L Container,
2 Rectangular Keepers and a Fix-N-Mix® Bowl.
Retail Value: $114 Save 50% $57.00

Modular Mates® 10 Pc. Set
Solve your kitchen storage challenges with this value-priced,
10-pc. collection. Includes Oval 1, 3 & 4 with three Oval Pour-
All Seals; three Mini Rectangular 1s, one Mini Rectangular 2;
and two Square 2 with one Square 4. Choice of Brilliant Blue
or Passion seals.
Retail Value: $122.50 Save 40%
89110 Brilliant Blue seals $73.50
89109 Passion seals $73.50

FridgeSmart® 8 Pc. Tower
Extend the life of fruits and vegetables. Includes two each of
the Mini, Small and Medium FridgeSmart® Containers, plus a
Medium Long and a Medium Deep container.
Retail Value: $115.50 Save 50% $57.75

14 Pc. Refrigerator Storage Bowl Set
Bowls feature large, tapered handles and virtually liquid-tight,
One-Touch® Seals that close with a simple push. Includes four
2-cup (16 oz./470 mL; four 3¼-cup (26 oz.)/750 mL; two
6½-cup (52 oz.)1.5 L; two 10-cup/2.3 L; and two 13-cup/3 L
Serving Bowls. Retail Value: $128 Save 40% $76.50

For more sales you can visit my Tupperware website (link is on the right side and in this post). There are online only specials that are listed there and many other items as well.

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