Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Checking In

I've not been blogging much lately...really not a whole lot going on. Today I'm waiting on a phone call telling me that the bus my oldest son's on will be pulling into the h.s. soon and I can go pick him up. He's been at camp all week and I'll tell you something, I don't believe I'll be sending any one of my kiddies there anymore. I've not been able to call him all week (they said the kids could not receive or send phone calls from home) so I cannot ask him how's his day going, is he okay. I cannot find out if he's okay or if he's having a really horrible time. I could of wrote but it's only 6 days and by the time I got the letter out and he received it, it would of been time for him to go home anyway. I just do not like not being able to reach my kids by's too much stress on me worrying about them day and night. My other two boys are at my mom's and I can call them everyday, if I don't my hubby does so we know what they are up to. Plus they're with people I know, not complete strangers. So no more going away to summer camp for my kiddies. Not until they graduate from h.s. and are mature enough to take care of themselves. I know the whole point of their childhood is for them to grow up and away from me, but I'm not about to shove them out the door (not unless they are over twenty, out of college and still mooching on their dad and I then they get the boot). As their mom I have the right to smother them and keep them as close to me as possible until they are old enough to whack me upside the head and tell me to let them up for air they are ready to go.
I'm still waiting on a letter from Baptist College of Health Sciences...they said they were sending them out this week. Well, it's Saturday dammit where's mine. I'm hoping and wishing I get a good letter. I'm telling everyone I know to be thinking of me that I get in (that includes everyone reading this blog ;) . I'll be a good nurse, I just have to get through college. To do that I have to get accepted into a nursing program.
Let's see what else...I've not rode my bike to work yet. I still need more practice riding time to strengthen my legs and learn to use the gears to my advantage when going up hills. I figure when I can make it to the top of my driveway with out having to get off and push the bike the last couple of feet then I'll be good to go. I have a fairly steep driveway and if I can do that I can make the hills on the highway 'cause they have more of a slope to them. I need to get confident enough to coast down my driveway without using the brakes without feeling like I'm going to crash, lol. If my kiddies and the neighborhood kids can do it then I should be able to. But then again I'm not a reckless, living-only-for-myself, child anymore (I shudder at the thought of things I did as a kid...I'm lucky to of made it to adulthood). I know if I fall off my bike it's going to hurt and I don't like to hurt. My excuse is my bike is taller then theirs and I've got father to fall so I ride my brakes going down hill even though I should be OK if I let them up 'cause the smaller hill at the bottom of my driveway will slow me down before I reach the street. I'll get there I'm nothing if not stubborn and I've got to prove to hubby I can do this. He's already thinking my bike is something I bought that I'll never really use (kinda like the home gym that's in pieces in the closet we bought last year, but if he would just help me get it put together it would get used but nooo I've got to do it all by myself...makes me feel like the hen in The Little Red Hen).
I guess that's about it up till now so I wish everyone reading this a blessed weekend.

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