Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

Yea I know it's only the 2nd but I'm not going to be on till maybe Monday so I figured I'd get a head start in wishing all my blog readers(all two of ya) a good holiday. Tomorrow after work we're heading up to Mo to get my youngest two from my mom's house. Really all I want to do is grab my babies and head back home to spend time with my family. **side note**I know my mom, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc...are family as well but whenever I mention/think of family I think of my hubby and I and our children. My central unit. Everyone else is pretty much just relatives. Not to confuse anyone into to thinking I think any less or that my extended family is less important (okay yea they are less important then my hubby and kids are to me but it's not a great extent) it's just that when I want to spend time with my family or spend holidays with my family all I'm thinking of is the six of us (not the twenty or more of us all together in a tiny little place getting all hot and frustrated with each other).
Anywho, I would rather just grab my babies then head over to the park to watch the fireworks. Or sit in our backyard and watch as we are close enough to see them I think. I do better seeing everyone else in small spurts on non-holiday weekends once, maybe twice a year.
This may all change when I'm older and griping to my kiddies that I never get to see the grandkiddies; why don't they ever come over; I wish I could see them more. Goddess I hope I don't turn into that type of parent. I want to be the non demanding, happy with whatever time they have to spend with me type. I can be non-demanding, really. My hubby would never believe it.
Okay I'm just rambling, please have a great and SAFE weekend and I'll catch up on everyone's blogs next week.

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Queenie said...

Happy 4th to you and your hub and kiddies. Relax and enjoy girlie.