Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 Weeks and 5 days...

...or otherwise titled "I love my children, I love my children (rinse and repeat)".

Do you ever want to hang your children to the ceiling fans by their toenails? Yea, me too. Today is one of those days. I'm trying to get my kiddies to clean house. Because I dislike cleaning and I especially dislike cleaning up after other people who are old enough to pick up their own dang mess. I try to be a patient person. I am with everyone and everything except my kiddies. I try with them, but it don't work. I try to be nice. "Pick up the living room and I'll set up the slip-n-side.", "Clean your room and your friends can come over", " Do the dishes and I'll give ya 50 bucks" (okay so not the last one even though hubby had similar deal with our oldest son, it was twenty not fifty but it doesn't matter 'cause oldest son is not greedy enough I guess to work for it). Nice don't work. I get mean...that don't work either. Nuttin works. My dd is, instead of worrying about her own job, getting on to her brothers for not doing their jobs. Dear dd last I checked I'm the one with all the stretch marks from carrying and delivering all you brats so please, please let me be the one to worry about who is doing what.

I love my children, I love my children...

...but I hate seeing my house this way. I could, probably, clean up the entire thing myself. That doesn't teach the kids anything though. Well, yea it does. It teaches my boys that housecleaning is woman's work and they can sit on their arse and make all the mess they want 'cause mama is going to clean it up. It teaches my daughter that she is not responsible for her messes 'cause mama is going to clean it for her and when she gets older and becomes mama she'll then be responsible for everything. This mama does not do that. You make the mess, you clean the mess. Their daddy is the same way, but at this moment he's not home. He should be sometime this evening but not now and has not been all week. It shows. He can get them to work, I can't. I don't understand why, never have. I can do the exact same things, say the exact same words and it doesn't work. He comes home and they'll work. Heck if my mom came down here they would work for her. Why not me!?
I know that's the battle cry for all the moms out there "Why will you listen to everyone else but me!?"
So, does anyone come over and make my kids listen. Or come over and set out front with me sipping strawberry margaritas till we forget what a mess is. I do have 2 slip-n-sides.

2 weeks 5 days till 1st day of school


Wa Ya - Mistic Wolfs Creations said...

Jackie Jackie Jackie...I feel your pain. ^.^ I can't bring margaritas but I can bring Leona, Capitan, and some pineapple and orange juice and make us all some Gliders. Leona and mines new favorite treat lol. It will get better willllll get better. Hugs

mimi11460 said...

Hi! Jackie thats how we spoil our kids we have same kids but my kids recognize my hard work so thanks God even though they seldom help me they don't mess around, so I am happy and proud of them..