Monday, July 07, 2008


I know I change diets about as often as I change my haircolor (about at the same time, go figure). Well I was reading First magazine and a new diet/lifestyle caught my eye. It's called Crack the Fat-Loss Code by Wendy Chant. It promises to break weight loss plateaus and you can lose up to 17 lbs in the first 7 days. Okay so, no, I do not expect to lose 17lbs in 7 days. That doesn't even sound healthy but a big weight loss the first week would be great. Basically the first week is the tough one and then on the following weeks you cycle between baseline days (where you eat both high carb and low carb foods), carb-down days (low carb foods) and carb-up days (high carb but still nutritious foods). Even on low carb days your allowed one starchy(high carb) food for one meal. So your not giving up anything just changing the pattern you eat...and if you eat with no pattern your creating one. I'm thinking about combining this with the Eat Clean Diet (which I stand by, even though I've been a dirty girl.. lately and have been eating junk, when following the Eat Clean diet you feel healthier). I wish I could combine all these with the blood type diet but I can't afford to do the blood type diet very often as I have to cook a separate meal for me then the rest of the family (I felt very very good on that diet, sinuses all cleared up and just a sense of all around well being).One of these days I'll find that magic combo, that perfect solution. Of course I'll let you know when I do. I know everyone says eat healthy and exercise. But there's more to it then that I know there is, I just got to figure out what. Most likely it's different for everyone. Unfortunately we're not all cut from the same cookie cutter (mine had a post babyx4 belly and big butt and wide hips and smallish breasts how about yours..wait don't forget the thunder thighs, can't forget the thighs). Still if something works for me I'm glad to share it with the world.

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