Thursday, October 30, 2008

No Halloween ?

It appears my kiddies school no longer recognizes Halloween as a holiday.  Apparently not everyone celebrates it so to make those who don't celebrate it happy they are not doing any Halloween parties, costume parades or the like.  So I think in all fairness they out to do the same for other holidays that not everyone celebrates.  Thanksgiving is only celebrated in the U.S. so it probably should be shot down as just another day since it's not a worldwide holiday.  Not everyone celebrates Christmas so that should be just another day (hell it would save me at least 20 bucks[5.00 per kid for the present exchanges] if they would cancel Christmas celebrations at school).  Valentines day...what a phony holiday I definitely would not mind not having to buy about 100 valentine cards for my kids to give to people in their class that they probably do not wish were their sweetheart.
So for my own little agenda I think I'll tell the teachers (when the time comes) that my kids will not be participating in Valentines day at school.  Now at home we will be making treats and homemade cards to send to close friends and know people we actually care about, not some snotty nosed little brat who throws spitballs in peoples hair.  Sounds fair to me.  If they cancel one holiday they should cancel others...'cause there is always people who a certain holiday means a lot for.   Halloween is important to me, so I will continue to celebrate it with my family.  We will continue to go out trick-or-treating and knocking on strangers doors for treats.  It's fun, it's the start of Samhain and again it's fun.

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