Monday, February 23, 2009


I accidentally spent 300.00 today that I shouldn't of...that I really, really shouldn't of. I blame it on the salesperson's smooth talking or his slight Caribbean accent. Either that or all.that.meat. Ha Ha that sounds dirty. It was one of those guys who drive the trucks with the big freezers on the back. This one was from Iowa Steak Company. The meat looked so good, all that big juicy beef and fresh looking breasts(chicken...get yo'r head outta the gutter).
The bad thing is Hubby doesn't know about this...yet. So he gets a big t-bone for dinner as my way of sucking up. That and a freezer so full of meat that I had to duct tape it so that it would stay shut. I'll tell him it's all his reward for installing the new kitchen faucet.

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