Friday, February 06, 2009

Zero Hour

Well nearly so anyway.   I have this afternoon to get the house as clean as I possibly can before we go to Missouri to retrieve my mom Saturday afternoon/night.   She's coming to stay with us a couple months for a change of scenery.  Sorry mom but with school, homework, work and the kiddies I'm probably not going to have the house as clean as I and I'm sure you would like.  I know you've seen my homes at their worst so it should be okay.  I also know you know how busy we stay.   But I will try to have it to be in some sort of order though.  I'm also going to try and finish these last three repeats on the scarf I'm making for my sisters birthday present(which was last month) so I can give it to her this weekend.  Hey at least it's still winter.  Then get started on the thing I'm making for my mil for her birthday (which was last week).  I think I'll have it done soon(as in sometime this year).  Well gotta go and round up kiddies so I can kick them out the door and on to the bus and go to school myself.  

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Anonymous said...

It will be nice for you two to see each other and do some catching up :)