Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's gonna be a long year

So I went down to the dental college in Memphis yesterday to get started on getting my teeth fixed. The student dentist doing the work is a real nice guy and seems pretty confident in his work. I have a whole shopping list of things that will get done though. Let's see theres: 9 extractions, several fillings, 1 root canal along with a crown on that tooth, some periodontal work and a partial that he called a "flipper". I think I'll get that at the same time the front teeth are pulled so that I don't have to go without front teeth. For which I'm grateful because that's just not a look I want to rock. This will probably take most of the next year to do. I'm having a filling and then the periodontal work done first and then probably the three teeth in the front done and all that will be done by July most likely. So with luck I can go to nursing school with a pretty smile. Then they'll do the rest of the work.
I can expect each appointment to last four hours though. I tell you fours hours of someone poking and prodding in your mouth is something else. But for 1/3 of the price of going to a regular dentist office and giving someone experience needed for their career is worth it.
I'm going to put pics of my garden up here soon. Nothings coming up yet but I like having before pics. I'm planning like an English style kitchen garden. So far there are peas, zucchini, acorn squash, sweet dumpling squash, jalapenos, 5 kinds of tomatoes, asparagus, cabbage, red onions, and cucumbers..oh and moonflowers. In my herb garden there's just garlic right now but today or tomorrow I'll plant basil, peppermint and whatever else I have. I still need to plant potatoes, carrots, corn, watermelons (that the kids started) and a pumpkin (again one of the kiddies).
In the flower beds: I have hostas, tulips, and my one surviving rose bush doing well. Oh and a plant that we got from my husband's grandpa that he called a leek but it doesn't look like any leek I've seen or can find on the Internet. It's still kinda pretty. I also have lilies coming up. I can't wait in the next few weeks I outta have stuff growing, greening up and blooming.
Well that's it for now...I gotta get the kiddies rounding up all their stuff and off to school so that I can go to school myself.

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