Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stop Growing Up

I took a picture of my dear daughter this morning and it struck me how grown-up she's looking. To me she's looking older then her 11 years. So I decided that she cannot grow up anymore. Not till I'm ready for it. Yea I know, not likely to happen but it's a nice thought. She brought home a paper from school advertising pom squad sign-ups and she said she would like to do it. So I emailed the lady for more information. Dd has had absolutely no experience in cheer, dance, pom or anything similar but hey if she wants to and it's not too expensive I might just let her. Well and if they accept girls with no experience...some teams don't. The paper says there's no try-outs so I'm taking that as they accept all experience levels. If she gets on the team she'll be performing with them at Riverkings and Redbirds games. Hockey and baseball anyone? If nothing else it will be a good experience for her and she may like it. Here she is posing in her new clothes before getting on the bus this morning. She was proud of the outfit she put together. She even has a brown, corduroy purse that matches the corduroy jacket and pants she's wearing.

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Grace said...

Don't you wish they could just stay little forever?