Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Counting Down

  • 1 and a half days till kiddies are out for summer break
  • 13 days till my summer classes start
  • 13 days till my baby boy turns 9
  • 18 days till kiddies go to grandparents house for annual summer visit
  • 38 days till I pick kiddies up from grandparents house
  • 48 days (or so) till finals for summer classes
  • 74 days till kiddies go back to school
  • 98 days till fall semester for me
  • 1,460 days(approximately) till I graduate with a bachelor's degree
  • 1,825 days(approximately) till oldest son graduates high school
  • 2190 days (approximately) till dear daughter graduates high school
  • 2,920 days(approximately) till I graduate med school
  • 2,920 days (approximately) till middle son graduates high school
  • 3,650 days (approximately) till I finish residency and can call my self doc
  • 3,650 days (approximately) till youngest son graduates high school

1 comment:

Thanh Thao said...

What an interesting viewpoint to upcoming events! I always count in months and years, then it seems that time is flying much more fast :-)

I will also gain my Bachelor's dgreee soon, just waiting for the results of my graduation paper! :-))

Wish you good luck!