Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well, I think I almost have everything squared away for summer semester. I'm just waiting on the financial aid office to finish up their end so I can do mine and hopefully have it all ready by the due date Friday. I'm excited and nervous about going this summer. I'm hoping I don't blow it. I've never worked full-time and gone to class. Part-time, yes, but not full. I'm worried that either I'll crash and burn due to lack of sleep or fail due to being overwhelmed. Yup, June is going to be a fun month.
On top of school and work I have all the family obligations. Kids are going to visit grandparents in Mo. In reality I would rather keep them at home were I could protect them. But, then they lose any chance of building relationships with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Unfortunately I'm dreading sending them up there. Especially my daughter, I'm counting on my sisters to watch over her but.............well this is a story for another blog. I'm thinking it may be the last summer or close to the last summer my dd will want to go up there as my mom has a history of not doing well with the pre-teen/teen sect and I don't want my girl hurt. Its very hard to look past old hurts and the thought of them being revisited upon your children is frightening. I'll just have to make it clear to my kiddies that at anytime they want to come home early they just have to call and I'll get them.
I got a call from my dad this morning and he's planning on coming up for a visit sometime late this summer. I haven't seen him since I was like 7 or so so this is exciting. He's retired and now has time to do some visiting and wants to come see us. It'll be great to see him and for him to finally meet his grandkids.
Anyway, sounds like it's going to be a busy summer and I should have lots of blog fodder to update here.

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