Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hey this isn't Chemistry

Yeah I know I should be going over my Chemistry homework. I was but in the middle of figuring out some Molarity calculations I got bored. Doesn't help I went off and forgot my glasses at home again today and my eyes are feeling the strain. So I'm sitting here at the UC killing time waiting for Calculus class to start, even though I may only go to 3/4 of the class. My philosophy professor canceled class today and my World Civ. class gets out early and leaves me two hours to kill. So far I've got one hour down now only one more to go.
My arms, shoulders, legs are so sore from working out yesterday. Yesterday the personal trainer took me for circuits lifting weights and 10 min. on the elliptical. I don't like the elliptical. She kept saying to just let the machine move you and don't fight it. I tried I really did. It's just not a natural movement for me. It's like bicycling, standing up, with no seat, except your not suppose to press down on the pedals. I did not like it one bit. The weight lifting, assisted pull-up(I think thats what she called it...we took a bar and instead of the traditional pull-up you stood on the ground, leaned back and pulled yourself to the bar...she said to do this 'cause women are not like men and are not designed to be able to pull up the other way). So by 8pm last night I was ready for bed I was so wore out.
Well back to Chemistry, these molar concentrations, molarity, moles are calling my name and my grade is requesting I go.

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