Saturday, October 02, 2010

Well it's Saturday. That about sums it up. Not a lot going on really, with Hubby working today it's kinda blah on the home front. I have someone coming from the funeral home coming by later, I believe. It seems I signed up for and won a living will, planning and some certificates for the kids in case the worst should happen. I figure it wouldn't hurt to do since Hubby and I don't have a will and I would like to have it wrote down somewhere what should happen just in case Hubby and I should meet with an accident. Especially while the kiddies are all minors. Basically the kiddies will all go to my baby sister and her husband and all our stuff thats worth anything will be sold and the monies divided up between the four children. Also with the living will, I don't want to be put on life support. Only exception would be if there was a great chance I would be able to come off it and live a good life. I don't want to be one of these people that I've taken care of who cannot communicate, cannot eat, and need oxygen and basically just lay in bed following goings on in there rooms with their eyes because thats all there is for them. That is not a good life. That is some family member being selfish, and I do not want to "live" like that. I don't mind having anything done that is temporary. I don't want my children putting a feeding tube in me when I'm old due to dementia related eating problems. Don't prolong my misery, make me comfortable and let me go. I'm hoping though I don't develop any form of dementia, but it's prevalent in the elderly. I see more 80-100 year old Alzheimer/ dementia patients then I see of those with all or most of their mental functioning. Of course I work in a nursing home and if your 80+ years old and still can function on your own you're probably not there so there is a population of elderly people that I can't add in.
Okay enough of that, it's depressing and it's a beautiful day and I've got a house to clean and get company ready.

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