Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Odd Morning

At about 2:30 this morning DD wakes up saying she just threw up. Well thats just great as I have a Calculus test today that I cannot miss. So I tell her to just clean it up and go back to bed that in hopes she'll feel better in a couple hours. No such luck. So I decide well, I can skip my first two classes today and just go in to take the test. She'll have to stay by herself for about an hour or so but she'll be okay. Then I remember, crap I told that girl in my World Civ class that I would give her a copy of my notes from Tuesday. So I hustle to type up the notes and send them in an email to her. During this time 6:30 comes and my oldest son is saying "Okay guys its 6:30 we gotta go watch for the bus" I'm hollering be right there. Hubby calls on house phone and I tell him I'll call him back on my cell as I got to walk the boys down. Well between the time I hit send grabbed my cell phone, checked daughter as she had just thrown up again and went outside the boys were gone. It was 6:34 and they were already on the bus and on their way to school. I felt bad. I'm always down there at the end of the driveway to make sure they don't horseplay too much and get on the bus safely. We don't live on a busy street but we have some jerks who drive 55 or more in a 35 and don't like to stop for the school bus (Last week one idiot sat there honking at the bus as the kids where getting on, grrr. The day before another idiot waited till the kids had stepped off the bus, the sign still out door not shut, and just drove on by the bus. A neighbor kid (a little 1st or second grader) had just barely reached his driveway when the idiot did this. Timing is your problem not a child's if your in that much of a damn hurry then maybe you need to get around sooner.) Anyway I felt bad I didn't make it down there to wait with them. I'm glad they're responsible enough, but they're kids and play around too much if they have to wait very long.
So here I am doing some last minute studying (well about to do anyway) for Calculus test and hoping the girl in my class checks her college email. Hoping daughters stomach ache and vomiting goes away soon.
On another note. My first meeting with the personal trainer went great yesterday. First was a 20 minute fast-paced walk on the treadmill. Then we did some core training (hip tilts, superman's on hands and knees and then again on belly, dips, squats using a ball and the wall, assisted push-ups (push-ups while laying the ball), a couple types of crunches, some other exercise where you lay on the floor and lift your butt up, did this with one leg crossed over the other as well. Started to do some wall exercises where you stand about 6-12 inches from the wall put the back of your hands against the wall (leaning shoulders against the wall) and push off with hands remaining against wall. I did a few of these but then started to feel super nauseous. So the last few minutes had me laying on the floor with my feet up so that I didn't faint or vomit. The trainer said I did great though and she's really nice so I'm looking forward to my next meeting with her. I'm going to try to do some of the exercises we did yesterday today. I'm only allowed one soda, or sweet tea a day and have to drink about(at least) 2L of water a day. Friday after class I'm going to go and spend 20-40 minutes walking on the treadmill (she said not to run just yet. Just a brisk walk will do, just to get my heart rate up to 130-160 bpm). I'm excited and thinking why haven't I done something like this sooner. Everyone smiles at the gym, no one seems to judge (even though everyone I've seen is fit and healthy looking). I feel more comfortable then I thought I would.

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