Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Not so Happy Tuesday

Just found out that a friend/coworker has lost her husband of only 5 months. I don't know the details yet but it's incredibly sad. He leaves behind his wife and a daughter who is around 10 ( I think) then my friend also has two children of her own from a previous marriage. I can't even begin to know what she's going through. I'm not even sure how I would react if it was my hubby. Not well, probably.
My thoughts are with her and their family. I hate situations like this because there's nothing you can say or do and "I'm sorry" just sounds so wrong.
Well now to go to lighter things, My middle son has a ball game tonight so I've got to try and squeeze in homework, housework and dinner by 6:30. Schools going okay, I kinda feel like I'm standing on a precipice and going to fall anytime. I'm just staying up with my homework when I want to be ahead. There is so much going on around here and it seems like I have to be everywhere all at once. I'm glad there's only two more weeks of baseball left...unfortunately that's also the time my daughters choir stuff starts up. Hubby is going to have to suck it up and start taking them more or cooking dinner or something when I take them. I can't take much of this "I'm tired you'll have to take them" stuff. He's not the only one who's been sick and tired lately. He should know, I'm the one who gave him the darn cold/flu thing and is still trying to hack up a lung. I wish, sometimes, that I could get away with being a baby like men can.
Oh I got some wood carving stuff, now to find some wood to carve on. I love working with wood, but haven't been doing it much lately. I'm hoping to pick it up again once I find some spare time. Does anyone have any spare time laying around they could give me?

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