Thursday, September 02, 2010


Well I did OK on the Ultrasimple diet even though I didn't really finish the week out. I caught a cold on that Thursday as ya'll know and it just got worse over the weekend. I'm almost over it just a nagging cough that's hanging around. Even though I missed the last few days I still lost 9lbs and now that I'm starting to feel better my energy level is slowly going up and I want to do more, I don't just feel like doing more I actually want to get up and do it. That's big for me 'cause I'm one of the world's worst procrastinators. Now finding the time to do more may be different. I want to do another week, but I'm waiting till I get the book. I did the first week based on Dr. Hyman's website but I feel like I missed something. I read on the website's forum that some people started taking the lemon/oil shot and then got to a point where they just couldn't do it anymore. They suggested that since the shot is suppose to be a liver detox, maybe the not being able to drink it anymore was their bodies way of telling them that it was good. I like to believe that 'cause I just got to where just the thought was making me gag. At first I didn't think it was so bad.
Some pluses from doing the Ultrasimple diet have been:
  1. 9lb weight loss
  2. 2.5 inches off my belly and hips
  3. lost craving for soda (I actually tried to drink a Mountain Dew yesterday and just couldn't do it. It tasted slimy and thick and way too sweet).
  4. Less cravings for sweets ( I'm able to satisfy it with fruit or just a small bite of something sweet)
  5. Reduced appetite (I'm only able to eat about half as much as I was. I'm stopping when I realize that I'm not hungry anymore and before I get that too full feeling).
I'm also reading Dr. Hyman's Ultrametabolism book. It's very interesting and I'll summarize some of it once I get it all read. When I do the diet again I'm going to make time for the yoga and workouts. I admit I didn't really do that too well.

Okay now on the school front...
My classes seem all right so far. I have a couple strict teachers but I can handle that. I had a pre-test on Wednesday in my Gen. Chemistry class. The professor said that if you didn't get at least 8 points he suggests that you go in the next lower class. Well I got 6. Not so good but I don't think I'll take his advice. I really don't want to retake an Intro to Chemistry class. I'll take this quiz as a sign that I'm going to have to study 3x as hard in order to make it. It's been quite a while since my last Chemistry class and I have forgotten some of the math. When it comes to math, though, it usually comes back to me quickly as I do it. So I have to study harder in order to keep up. I just want the opportunity to try. So I hope he doesn't bring it up. He said that some people (like 40%) do pass with a C or higher that make lower then 8pts. I think I can be in that 40. I know I can. Speaking of Chemistry I need to get off of here so I can go finish reading chapter one for class tomorrow and read some more of Antigone for Lit. tomorrow.

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