Friday, September 24, 2010

...One Giant Leap for Me

Okay so the college has this deal called Fitness Framework. You sign up for only twenty dollars and you get to have 4 one hour sessions with a personal trainer. This is an incredible deal and since I figured I would be silly not to take advantage of and had been planning on starting going to the college's gym a couple times a week anyway, I signed up. Today I go in for my free fitness assessment. Where they check body fat, body composition, flexibility, cardiovascular, strength, and blood pressure. I'm kind of nervous about this. Silly, I know. It's not like it's a test that I'll be graded on and have to worry about how it will affect my g.p.a. Still, having some strange guy (who looks hunky in his picture) judging how fat and out of shape I'm in is nerve wracking. That's the whole point of this though. I am fat and out of shape and want, no NEED to do this in order to be happier with myself and healthy for myself and my family. After today the guy who runs the program will hook me up with one of the personal trainers and then we design a workout plan to help me with my fitness goals. It'll be awesome and much better once the damn butterflies in my stomach go away.

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