Sunday, April 15, 2012


Between this:

 And this:

and studying for tests, finals and end-of-semester papers, and having company...I've been busy. So my blogging has slowed down to that end of the semester slump.  Sorry no pics of the studying...unless you want to see my Microbiology and O. Chem textbooks.

Oh and got wonderful news in an email today. It appears, with the new rules regarding financial aid, I'm no longer eligible to receive a Pell grant. Now I didn't get a big grant, but it came in handy when you have a family, one income and are trying to finish up an undergrad.  So here's to hoping I get a phone call about that job I interviewed for last month. The guy mentioned he was interested in hiring me in May. So some advise for current/future college students...if someone mentions getting an associates degree then bachelor's...say no thank you.  They now only give you a Pell grant for six years (and the kicker) or an equivalent of 6 years before cutting you off. Apparently I've been going for an equivalent of 6 years guess is my Associates degree (that I didn't use, so total waste of time and money) is what has screwed me. I thought I was doing something good at the time...

Okay well, night night dear readers. I'm off to bed then up to study for Microbiology lab final tomorrow first thing in the morning. I dread and look forward to finals. I'm so glad to be done with the semester, but so worried that I haven't studied enough throughout the semester to do well. I know I'm completely normal in that though.

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