Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Class Free Summer?

It looks like I'll be taking this summer off from my classes, unfortunately.
I went by the financial aid office after my classes today to see if I could get aid for Summer semester. I need to take my O.Chem lab and I may have to retake O. Chem as my grade isn't going to be what I would like.

Well the answer is a no, I have already used up what I can for 2011-2012 and so I'm stuck. I don't have cash on hand to pay for Summer classes (unless I happen to find 1500.00 in my couch cushions).  I was looking at my fall classes to see if this will hurt me and it doesn't look like it will be too awfully bad. I'll put Bioorganic till Spring 2013 if need be and it may push a couple classes I was planning on taking that semester back, but since I wasn't planning on graduating till December 2013 now anyway...I guess that will be all right.

Anyway this gives me 3 months to work and save money and then I can make up some lost time next summer. I hope.

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