Thursday, May 05, 2005

Hello world

Hello, I was board and saw this little square button on my ie toolbar and thought I would click on it. Low and behold up came Blogger, well I thought, I haven't done a blog or anything in a while so maybe I'll start one up and see if I can keep it going for a while (I really suck at this, lol). With another sister moving away (I just moved back to the area, I'm thinking I'm scaring her away, hmmmm) I thought well maybe I'll try to keep anything interesting that happens up-to-date on here so she can keep in touch. With four kids and a hubby, interesting things sometimes happen, lol. Well maybe not interesting to everyone, but I'm kept hopping most of the time.
So here I am typing away some nonsense to fill up empty space (doesn't empty space look sooo tacky). I'm probably better doing this then I am mailing letters, sending emails or calling, I can instant message pretty well though, lol. But I work 2p-10p so everyone I know isn't home when I am and they are home when I'm not, so it makes it hard to talk to anyone to keep up with the gossip. Plus I'm about to start another class, well more like pick up where I left off, and with any luck in four more months I'll have an Associates of Science degree. So that with a medical billing course and finishing up a CNA course plus work full time and being a wife and a mother to 4 children, I stay pretty busy.
Well I guess that's all for right now, hope anyone who reads this has a great day, night, morning, or whatever time it is for you.

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