Thursday, May 19, 2005

just unwinding

Ok nothing much to say but it's been 3 days so gotta say something I guess. I passed my CNA state board yesterday. So I'm certified, again. Kid's had a great last day of school, my oldest two got trophy's for reading so many books, my oldest read 90 and my girl read 30...they're little books they read for AR reading, thingy the school's do nowadays.
I guess we're getting a big white elephant...actually its a 100 year old, folk victorian house that needs lotsa work. It'll be a beauty when we get it done. gonna cost nearly 500 a month in payments though, but we'll have it payed off in 5 years or less, so that'll be ok, so we'll be tightening our already tight belts.
Can't think of much else to say, just unwinding from work so I would thought I would post something here...and here...and here...and here.
To anyone, everyone reading this....have a good night, morning, day or whatever it is wherever you are.

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