Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Poor Kitty

Ok so one of our cats died today, don't know if it was ran over or just got into a fight with one of the strays around here. But that's not the sad part. She left behing 3 younguns (sniffle, ok not really I'm not one to cry over something like that, death is just a part of life) But now I gotta try and keep these kittens alive, they're only 4 weeks old and I forgot to get the kitten starter formula stuff at Wal-mart tonight , so I'm feeding them evaporated milk. I think most of its on my lap. The girl kitten ate pretty good, the two males didn't really.
Well I've been home for about an hour now...would of been home sooner but had to run to Wal-mart and get medicine for sick dh. He sounded real bad on the phone tonight. You know that's kinda bad, I sleep next to the man every night, I kiss him good night and he kisses me goodbye when he leaves for work. But with our work schedules the only time I really get to talk to him is on the phone. It's rare that we get the same days off it seems.
Well, heard more about the house...we go and sign papers Thursday. Wish us luck everyone.
Well that's about it for tonight.
Goodnight, day, evening or whatever it is, wherever you are, whomever is reading this.

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