Thursday, July 02, 2009

I hate being down

I really do, so I need to write something more positive to offset the last post. Being down goes against my the-glass-is-half-full views on most things (unless those things pertain to me personally I guess...ugh gotta quit thinking that way).
Anyway here's some positive things I've noticed the past couple days.
1. I've been seeing more and more people running errands and getting around on bicycles. I love
this and am more encouraged to get my fitness level up so that maybe one day I can commute to work. Anymore it's nothing to go to Wal-mart and see people parking or loading up their bikes. I drive to or home from work and I see people riding around on bikes. The really nice thing is that these are not people you would expect to see on a bike. I saw a guy on his bike pulling out of the Wal-mart gas station. Cigarette in hand a nice horn on his bike wearing tee-shirt, baseball cap and cutoff shorts. A couple of months a go I saw a lady riding her bike on the street looking like she just came out of the office all the way down to the ballerina flat type shoes on her feet. I've seen people riding on the highway near my house. I think this is wonderful and encouraging no matter their own personal reasons for riding. I also love it that more people are riding and gas prices have gone down(some).
2. I live in a beautiful area. I notice this on my hour drive to class. There are corn fields, bean fields and cotton fields galore. All green and healthy looking (as long as you ignore the fact that these fields are probably saturated with pesticide and fertilizers). I see several people selling produce from their gardens on the side of the roads. Towns that mow and take care of the areas near the highway. Lush green trees and flowing creeks/rivers. The people here are great and 90% are willing to help a perfect stranger. I think the other 10% are transplants from other parts of the country 'cause being nice to people seems to be a totally Southern trait. I'm probably on of the 10% but I come from the Ozarks and they will only (maybe) help ya if they know you and you pay them. Ozark natives are more content to stay in their own little part of the country and ignore the fact that there are other people out there. Anyway I digress and that last part defeats my purpose of looking at the positive so lets not dwell on it anymore.
3. I have great kids and hubby
4. I have a great extended family
5. I have great friends

Well that's about it for tonight. Work tomorrow and Saturday and then Sunday off, yeah. I have a ton of homework for this class. Nice thing is, is that it's like elementary level math and so I shouldn't have a problem with the first couple chapters. When we get into doing dosages and flow rates and nursey stuff it might be more difficult but the first part isn't too bad.

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