Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21, 2009

It's only Tuesday and I'm tired and ready for a day off. I worked 11p-7a Friday, off Saturday, 7a-3p Sunday and then yesterday a double 7a-11p. Up early today for class, and will be Wednesday and Thursday and then Thursday after class I have to go to work for a meeting and CPR training. Then back at work Thursday at 11p for a night shift. I have Friday off but I'll probably sleep on and off most of that day and work Sat and Sun. It's gonna be a messed up week,lol. I'll have a nice paycheck on the 8th too show for these extra hours. A much needed paycheck since our refrigerator went out over the weekend and now we just have a deep freezer and a cooler.
Kiddies go back to school 2 weeks from today so I need to get all the supplies they need. They all need new clothes and shoes (me too) but that'll wait till I get paid on the 8th...they don't a full day of school till the 10th anyway.
I need to get out and do some yard work sometime this week. My garden is a jungle and Hubby is threatening just to mow it all down but I want to save whatever I have to save and I don't want to lose my asparagus again this year. I forgot it last year and tilled it under. Somewhere I have onions and lettuce and Broccoli Rabe as well.
I want to build a chicken tractor and get a few chickens and I've been thinking about getting the kiddies a dog. The chickens will come way before the dog though. We have a dog but she doesn't wrestle like the boys would like too. She's just way to little for that, given she weighs like two pounds. They like dogs who will get down on the floor and roll around with them. Only thing is the dogs they like tend to be or get hyperactive and I do not have time for them right now. Most my lil dog does is nip at your ankle/feet while your sitting down, if she's not in your lap or sitting right next to you. I wouldn't mind getting a Rottie, Weimereiner or Rhodesian Ridgeback though. The Ridgebacks are neat because they have extra thick pads on the bottom of their feet/paws and so I could take them running/walking/bike riding long distance without worrying about hurting their feet. I saw a show on Animal Channel that showed a couple who ran marathons and their Ridgebacks were their trainers.
Well, guess I'll stop this rambling for now and get ready for class. Have a great day anyone reading this.

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