Sunday, July 05, 2009

Stage 2: Done

I want to say complete but I didn't do my desired goal for today. We spent too much time out fishing and then came home ate dinner and played Singstar on the PlayStation. I had just a few minutes to go out and ride down to my friend neighbors house to check on her animals and come home. Had a scary moment though, my back brakes failed on my bike and so while I was going down my driveway(fairly steep hill) I couldn't stop. My back brakes weren't working at all and my front brakes were just barely slowing me down, so I went down hill with on foot dragging the ground and hoping I wouldn't lose control. I think the tires and brake pads were just too wet from all the rain we had today. I may just ride my other bike tomorrow just to be safe, it's kept inside out of the weather. It's just a bigger/heavier bike and takes a bit more energy to get it up the hills on my street.
Anyway here's the screenshot for today:

click on the pic to see it clearer, but it shows I only rode 0.47 miles today. So I'll try for the full mile in the morning.

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