Friday, June 10, 2011

Father's Day

June 19th is Father's day. I was thinking of sending my father a card and I'm hesitant to do so.   All the cards I've read so far have thank you for being a great dad, or thank you for being there all my life type writings in them.  My father wasn't there when I was a kid. I saw him once when I was about 7. Then in my early twenties I found him again and sent him a letter and now we communicate via facebook, email and telephone.  So really my father has only been in my life for the last 10 years (maybe not quite that long). I still haven't seen him, except in pictures. He's never met his grandkids or son-in-law.  I have yet to see a card that says I'm glad you're back in my life Dad. My father didn't teach me to ride my bike (my brother did), tie my shoes (I think my brother did that too), fish (my brother again), drive a car (my grandpa and husband), or any of the other million things that father's usually teach their children.  I either learned from watching others, reading books or my brother, grandpa or husband taught me.  My father wasn't there when I got married, not even sure he knew I was getting married. I wanted my brother to give me away, however since he and our mother do not speak I gave the honors to my grandpa.
I probably won't be giving my father anything for father's day. I'll probably send him an email or post on his facebook wall "Happy Father's Day". Basically acknowledging that he is my father.  I just don't really have the history with him needed to send a sappy Hallmark card.

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