Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's the Longest Day of the Year

Summer Solstice is here, Litha.  My favorite season is finally starting (though it's felt like summer for the past month already).  I'm going to celebrate by planting veggies in my garden (if the rain holds off), going for a run and trying to spend as much time as I can outside. It's not suppose to be super hot today (upper 80s compared to the upper 90s we've had recently). It's overcast and the wind is blowing. Not the prettiest day but probably the most comfortable.
I've got some pretty blooms showing off now and I'll take a picture for wordless wednesday tomorrow.  My gladiolus are finally beginning to bloom. I have a dark purple one that's open now and it's so pretty and pleasant to see when I pull in my drive or even just step outside.  I wish I knew why my flowers seem to bloom about a week or two after everyone else's around here does. It's frustrating to see their irises, daffodils, lillies etc. bloom and mine are still just green leaves.  Then when I'm about to give up I finally see some color.  My guess it's the trees we have here and some of my flowers are in less then ideal growing conditions.  Maybe there's something about my soil, I don't think anything has been grown in it until we moved in.  I guess it could just be Mother Nature trying to teach me patience.  Oh well, as long as I see my pretties it's okay that they show  a bit late. 

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