Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Future is Coming Fast

My kiddies are getting older. One going to high school, 2 in middle school and the youngest in the 4th grade.  I know it won't be long before they're moved on and Hubby and I are empty nesting.  I was thinking about this and thinking back to last summer were we had 4 kid-less weeks.  Those weeks sucked.  The house was too quiet with out the kids around.  As the time progressed Hubby and I got to were we didn't say much to each other.  We weren't mad or anything. Just, with out the kids, we didn't have anything to discuss. The kids have became such a big influence in our lives that when it's just the two of us we are at a lost. A lost for words, a lost for action, a lost for anything.
A couple nights ago I asked Hubby the question: "Are we gonna make it when the kids move out?"  We have little in common. We like a lot of the same music and movies.  Our differences outweigh our similarities, though.  He likes to fish, I can take it or leave it (most of the time rather leave it).  He plays video games, most of my time is spent reading(everything, anything).  I want to get back into sports and being more active.  I'm teaching myself and the kids tennis. I'm getting back into running. I would like to join the adult softball league here.  Hubby doesn't want to do much on weekends but fish.  I have my studies, my pyrography, my carving, my knitting, my drawing, world of warcraft and various other hobbies I pick up and put down on a regular basis.  Hubby fishes, plays Xbox, works, talks to his family/friends on the phone, plays a few computer games and not much more.  He says he would get more into sports but he's too tired after work.  I know he's tired, I know he's been getting more aches and pains lately.  That's not really what all I was referring to when I asked my question.  I don't want to spend 30-40 years with someone I love, but don't talk to, don't do stuff with.  His answer is usually gonna be(and has been) "well you can go fishing with me." Hunny, love you but fishing is rather boring to me.  I'll go a few times a year (I bring a couple magazines and books, my camera, my cellphone and sometimes knitting for something to do) but I can't say I really enjoy it.  I like being outside, but  if I'm outside with someone I kinda want to be able to communicate with that person.  Ever fish with someone who's watching 3 different poles? Ever try to hold a conversation with them?
I know we have a pretty strong love and that should hold us.  I just know there's a big test of it coming up and I hate going in unprepared.

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