Thursday, January 12, 2012

1st day of Spring Semester '12

Today was the first day of Spring semester.  My earliest class this semester is at 9:40am, which is so nice.  I get to get the kiddies ready and on the bus before I get myself together. It also gives me time to find parking, go over notes and everything without rushing.  I dislike rushing in the mornings.
Today's classes were Organic Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology 2.  My Organic Chem class is called Foundations of Organic Chemistry. I tried to take O Chem 1 but heard they were discontinuing it in favor of this class. When it came time to register for Spring they had O Chem 1 listed, but no class listings. So I guess the rumor I heard was true. Well I just checked, it looks like they started phasing it out in 2009 so yep. Instead of O Chem 1 and 2 there is now Foundations of Organic Chemistry and Foundations of BioOrganic Chemistry.   Same book and class just different names.
Anyway I think I'll enjoy the Organic Chemistry class. Today was an introduction then we got started with Lewis Dot structures and molecular formula's. We're suppose to be able to recognize trends in intramolecular forces and how to tell the properties of the substance(with info from the Lewis dot structure) by the 1st exam. Plus a ton of other stuff, it's a fast paced class. Easy peasy, right?  I'm glad I've found A Doc 2 Be over at Non Trad Pre Med.  It's great to be able to ask someone who's been in the trenches already.  I don't know too many people personally who have had this level of science classes.
Well I'm off to try and not burn dinner while finding some molecular structure models and going over A&P2 and O Chem notes. Oh and I didn't mention what I thought of the A&P class.  It's huge, the teachers kinda funny. I'm not sure what I feel about him selling his 464 page book of class notes.  I remember better when I write stuff down during lecture. Listening and then reading doesn't do it for me. I need to read, then listen and write concurrently.  So I'll take notes and then compare to what he has (for free) online.

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